How best to include paths to ruby 1.8.7?

I have a set of scripts working on my development linux PC.
I've moved these scripts to another linux PC - This will be a production

This is the first time I've done this at all!

Looking for direction on how to and where to put my code on this PC so

users with restricted rights (no sudo access) can execute these

I currently have tried the following locations with little success.



errors i get refer to not being able....
     1. Not locate gems I actually do have installed not being found
     2. other scripts residing in the myfiles directory not being found

where should i put my files so that they are safe from possible upgrades
to ruby.
Users with restricted rights can run these files but have them unable to
read the files.

I know I am asking 2 different questions here.

1 relates to ruby and the paths it uses to find gems etc.

2 relates to user and group access rights.

I don't really know if what I'm doing is the correct way or not.

anyone able to help?



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