Distributing Ruby apps


I’m sorry if this is a common question, but I haven’t been able to find
this information using Google.

I have a small Ruby app/tool that I would want to write an install
script for. But I’m unsure about where to install class files that are
specific to my app. I know that some distributions copy the class files
to site-ruby, but that doesn’t feel correct to me.

Another approach simply does a cat *.rb > myapp, but that doesn’t feel
right either.

Basically, I have one Ruby script which is the “command” and will be
copied to /usr/local/bin. I have thought about copying the class files
to /usr/local/lib/appname and adding this directory to the search path
($:.push “/usr/local…”). Is this the standard way of doing it?




Peter Lindberg
Computer Programmer, Oops AB, Sweden