Geturl with net/http package

(Berger, Daniel) #1

Sounds good. I'll submit a patch (or you can, if you prefer).




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Daniel Berger wrote:
>Mohit Muthanna wrote:
>>Remove the 'http://' from the 'server' variable.
> It would take a minimal amount of code to make it work with
or without
> the "http://" prefix. Any chance this could be patched?
> I also recommend accessors for @address and @port.

You should be using the URI class to parse and assemble URLs;
there's no
need to duplicate that functionality in net/http. URI
provides address
and port accessors. Also, if you want an easy wrapper around net/http
and uri, there's already open-uri.

(Also, I've contributed some improved documentation for
net/http which
will hopefully make it to soon.)