Getting the 1.7.2 source

Oops - yes. That鈥檚 probably it. I got the source, though.

In the process of building 1.7.2 I also realized that the autoconf, automake
and m4 utilities that came with the Solaris 9 software companion CD are out
of date. Fortunately, solved all my problems. :slight_smile:




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At Mon, 29 Jul 2002 23:46:59 +0900, > Berger, Daniel wrote:

I鈥檓 trying to download and install the latest 1.7.2 source
via CVS based on
instructions at I probably don鈥檛 know
what I鈥檓 doing, but
I keep getting 鈥渃onnection timed out鈥 when I try to do
anonymous login.

Are you inside a firewall?

Nobu Nakada