Gem resolved back - was RE: Gem 0.4 segfaults on winxp upon insta ll)

# > Can anyone else confirm that zlib segfaults on this
release of ruby on # > Windows? # > # > Chad # > # > # > # #
This DOES NOT segfault on WinXP Home w/latest Ruby win32 # like a charm. What version of Ruby is being
used? # # Looks like he has compiled his own. I see that
there is a "devel" target in the win32 installer builder.
Any chance the team would consider periodically (or
nightly?!) releasing a devel version of the installer for
those of us who don't have a good setup for compiling stuff
for Windows?

That would be a good idea (I have had problems in irb segfaults -so the
reason I went w the _unadviseable modified version. The irb problem went
away,.. only that I would have problems in zlib...).

In the meantime, I have remove everything and started from scratch again
using your windows installer ruby181-13.exe on rubyforge. The new gem
install went fine.

I'm using gems now. Thank you (and others) for the great job on gem -it is
very helpful (especially since I do win and linux).

Btw, are all rubyforge projects have corr gem format now?


kind regards -botp


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