footballdb-clubs Gem / Library - Match 1500+ Football Club Names from 100+ Leagues from Around the World


   I've put together a new footballdb-clubs gem / library [1]
that bundles-up an all-in-one football.db /clubs datafile [2]
and lets you match 1500+ football club names from around the world
"out-of-the-gem / box " with zero-configuration.

  It's as easy as:

require 'footballdb/clubs'

pp Club.all

resulting in:

[#<Club @name="Al Ahly",              @city="Cairo", @country="Egypt", ...>,
 #<Club @name="Al Mokawloon Al Arab", @city="Cairo", @country="Egypt", ...>,
 #<Club @name="El Dakhleya",          @city="Cairo", @country="Egypt", ...>,
 #<Club @name="El Entag El Harby",    @city="Cairo", @country="Egypt", ...>,

What else is new?

Let's match football club names to find the wikipedia page name and url
(for the English edition):

m = Club.match( 'Club Brugge KV' )
m[0].wikipedia      #=> "Club Brugge KV"
m[0].wikipedia_url  #=> ""

m = Club.match( 'RSC Anderlecht' )
m[0].wikipedia      #=> "R.S.C. Anderlecht"
m[0].wikipedia_url  #=> ""

# and so on
# ...

Note: Find all football club wikipedia page names in the built-in copy
bundled-up into a single datafile [3].

  Enjoy the beautiful game. Cheers. Prost.