Exerb and Tk on XP Pro?

I’ve been working on a small application for my peers at work. We run
in a Windows environment, so I want it to be a GUI app. I develop on
a Linux PC, so naturally I decided to use Ruby/Tk.

I got the script written, and then I used the rubyinstaller on my XP
virtual machine, and the script ran perfectly. My next step was to
pipe it through Exerb so I could use it elsewhere.

That didn’t work out so well. When I would run the executable Exerb
gave me, I would get an error that said “the application requested the
Runtime to terminate in an unsual way.”

Just dinking around, I discovered that the simply running exerb on a
one line script will generate that error. Here’s the one line script:

    require 'tk'

I spent a good deal of time googling for answers, but everything seems
to be in Japanese and I, unfortunately, do not understand a single
character of it (well, except the latin ones…).

Could anybody give me a suggestion or two? This is using the latest
version of Exerb, and the latest 1.8.0 core file (gui18).