Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I just wrote a desktop widget, and it works on Windows, and it shows my
site. It's transparent and it has no titlebar. Cross platform, probably
works well on Android, so I can make an app. I compiled it using just MXE
(MinGW32) and it works :slight_smile:

Does anyone know of QuickJS?

I'm able to compile Ruby into statically linked C. And it works :slight_smile:

Ruby + Opal + QuickJS = Use Ruby for anything. No installer necessary.
Works on Windows and Wine, too.

My site mostly works well (I have to pay money to improve the certificate
to make it work on mobile well.)

It works in Safari, in Chrome, and probably in Firefox and other browsers.

I still have a little bit of work to do on it.

QuickJS is utterly insane.

It makes Opal work better.

Opal isn`t very good at interacting with the desktop

But in QuickJS, you can import std, then do, and it calls
the C function getline(), and you get a Javascript line.

Node.js`s createInterface function for the readline module is a nightmare



I`m currently creating a script, well, I have it already, that turns
markup, a list, to representation.


[["hello", "world"], ["foo", "bar"]]

would get represented as a markup-up HTML page (with appropriate divs and
spans) AND a cross platform C program which can be statically linked on
Windows, would be created, with no Installer, no dependencies, no Glade
file. Just 100% speed. Also, it would show you the content using Ruby GTK

In other words, Ruby lists can be given to the program as an argument, and
you would, in theory, get ALL possible representations of that data, which
could then be stylized with CSS (which both Gtk and Qt support really well)

I could use Glimmer as another backend, but I would have to be able to use

Attached is pictures of my desktop widget (the computer im using has no
screenshot tool)

Im also now looking for work as a programmer and kind of trying to pursue

I have an interview on Monday

I also now have a graphical Windows installer, written using the Windows
API, for my gem

All of the Windows work that I have been doing uses

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