Data Science w/ World Factbook - 267 Public Domain (Free) Country Profiles / Datasets (incl. Population, Internet Users, etc.) Updated - Source: CIA


  I've updated the factbook.json country profiles using the latest data from
the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Factbook.

  Looking for gold or oil reserves? Find the answer in the "natural resources"
or the "proven known crude oil reserves" section, for example.

  To download all datasets or to rebuild the simplified json
for the lastest 2021 website reshuffle / redesign,
try the 2021/download.rb [2a] and 2021/genjson.rb [2b] scripts.

  Happy exploring the world while staying home. Cheers. Prost.

PS: Trivia Quiz:
What country has the most proven oil reserves according to the CIA
World Factbook?

[1] GitHub - factbook/factbook.json: World Factbook Country Profiles in JSON - Free Open Public Domain Data - No API Key Required ;-)
[2a] factbook/download.rb at master · factbook/factbook · GitHub
[2b] factbook/genjson.rb at master · factbook/factbook · GitHub