cryptoquotes gem v1.0 - incl. oracle tool to get a random crypto quote of the day on the command line - on the new new "in math we trust" ponzi economics - on get-rich-quick blockchain secrets - on bitcon maximalists, scammers, morons, clowns, shills & ba

SEC Investor Education:
- Don't understand an investment?
- Don't invest in it.

Yes, but what if there's only 21 million of it?

  \- Trolly McTrollface


   Number go up. Fear of missing out (FOMO) on the latest all time-high (ATH)
Bitcoin bull run hitting $20 000?

  I have put together a little gem - that is, cryptoquotes [1] - that
gets you a random crypto quote
of the day on the command line - on the new new "in math we trust"
ponzi economics,
on get-rich-quick blockchain secrets, on bitcon maximalists, scammers, morons,
clowns, shills & bagHODLers and more.

Use the `oracle` command line tool. Try:

$ oracle -h

resulting in:

Usage: oracle [options]
  Print wise oracle sayings / crypto quotes

    -n, --number=NUM                 Number of quotes to print (default: 1)
    -h, --help                       Prints this help

Let's give it a try. Ask the oracle (it's free):

$ oracle


We have not entered "Post Tether" yet.
Tether is still furiously printing digital bucks.
Who believes Bitcoin's price is organic?
It's not - it's a Ponzi, and Tether is its Little Helper.

> Austrian Maximalist comments:
> Bitcoin is not a ponzi. It is a monetary network, first of its kind.
> Currently valued at 365 billion dollars. What am I missing?

    - Amy Castor

Or lets try:

$ oracle -n2


A friend of mine, who works in finance, asked me to explain what Tether was.

Short version: Tether is the internal accounting system for
the largest fraud since Madoff's ponzi scheme.

    - Patrick McKenzie

Bitcoin manipulated well before tether started to manipulate it...

See "A Bot Named Willy: Did Mt. Gox's Automated Trading Pump Bitcoin's Price?"

    - Nouriel Roubini

Usage in Your Scripts

Yes, you can add the oracle into your own scripts.

require 'cryptoquotes'

Oracle.say        # or Oracle.says


Bitcoin user guide:
1. Buy Bitcoin.
2. Never sell Bitcoin.
3. Don't listen to Bitcoin critics.
4. Tell your friends to buy Bitcoin.
5. Tell your friends never to sell Bitcoin.
6. Tell your friends not to listen to Bitcoin critics.
7. Remember that Bitcoin isn't a pyramid scheme.

> Austrian Maximalist comments:
>   8. See super-rich legendary investors like Tudor Jones, Stanley Druckenmiller,
>      Michael Saylor, etc. who wouldn't fall for mere pyramid schemes, buy and hold Bitcoin.

    - Trolly McTrollface

If you want to get quotes in the source format
(in memory)
use the methods from `Quotes`. Example:

q = Quotes.random      # get a random quote (as as hash table)
#=> {"quote"=>
#   "Tether is \"too big to fail\" - the entire crypto industry utterly\n" +
#   "depends on it. We just topped twenty billion alleged dollars'
worth of tethers ($USDT).\n" +
#   "If you think this is sustainable, you're a fool.\n",
#  "date"=>#<Date: 2020-12-13>,
#  "source"=>"",
#  "by"=>"David Gerard"}

That's it for now. Cheers. Prost.

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