Programming Pixel Art in Ruby: CryptoPunks & Copypastas Step-by-Step Book(let) Celebrates 300 Stars. Thank You!


I couldn't care less about your pixel art or whatever other _contributions_ you might've done, [..]
it will never ever repay the energy drained and the damage
inflicted on the fabric of society by people like you [..] I'm not thankful.
I hope you get banned from this list.

   Just taking this as an opportunity to celebrate 300 stars [1] on
the (free online) programming pixel art in ruby: cryptopunks &
copypastas booklet (to put the comment above into another context).

   Yes, you can generate your own (punk) art collection in ruby. Cheers.

PS: Public service announcement: Open source (if you do not get paid
by your employer) is a thankless job.

Now imagine being a no-coiner and crypto non-believer and critic in
the cryptolandia fraudsters' paradise? How much warm and
fuzzy-feelings (and thank yous) do you think I get from crypto and
token art believers that you can right-click and save the image? Or
that bitcoin is a ponzi investment fraud? Or that the ethereum "world
computer" can't match up to the processing power of a 10-Dollar
RasperryPi. Or that blockchain is a database (or linked hash list) and
so on?

[1] Stargazers · cryptopunksnotdead/programming-cryptopunks · GitHub