C.l.r posts lost?

Lähettäjä: gabriele renzi <rff_rff@remove-yahoo.it>
Aihe: Re: c.l.r posts lost?

Raphael Bauduin ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I'm reading the newsgroup, and i seem to miss some posts. Eg, I saw
> Nicholas Van Weerdenburg's answer to the Nitro + Og 0.9.3 announcement,
> but I haven't received George Moschovitis' announcement.

I'm also reading the NG and I don't notice this problem

> It's been some weeks I experience this, seeing a reply to a post I
> didn't get. Anyone else having this problem? I know there were problems
> with the ML<->c.l.r gateway in the past, and wonder if this is related.

I think it's not, since the problems at that time were seen from every
NG user, so maybe it is a problem with your ISP

I've got the same issue with my webmail account: it may be the
group2ml gateway. Seems to be an intermittent delay and I can
only really notice it on my webmail account because it sorts the
items by time rather than time sent. It is quite annoying :slight_smile: