Automated testing tool in ruby

(Dave Burt) #1

jon theebh wrote:

Hi, is there any http proxy and automated testing tool written in ruby?
something along the line of PushToTest, which records yr http
conversations, and reproduce them in jython script, which you can
customise - either for regression testing, security testing etc..

I have looked briefly at watir, but it deals more with IE object, which
may not be what I want.

Watir is a really good and handy tool for testing an app by driving the same
tool the end-users have, IE.

But your lower-level testing suggestion could be used for different things,
and is another good idea. I don't know of the existence of such a thing, but
you can certainly use Webrick as a proxy.

If you were up to a bit of coding, you could build such a thing fairly
easily on top of the MouseHole Proxy, I think. It is trivial to set
MouseHole up to log requests you make (you set your browser's proxy to
localhost and MouseHole's port).

To convert that to ruby code, for the simple case of GET requests:
require 'net/http'
body = Net::HTTP.get("", "/path/goes/here")