Antwort: Re: Resurrecting German mailing list?

But we (at least me) german speakers hate english.
It’s so overwhelming. So omnipresent. You have to see. I am a very
fair-minded man (I’d be able to imprisoning myself).
I stand up for equality of the languages (including Ruby).

PS. now learning Chinese, semms to be made for cstists

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Hi Josef,

         that would be a good idea.

Tons of Germans speak English (kind of :-)) and are on the
English list.

Who has the power to set up that mailing-list?

Thx, -A.



While collecting information about the ruby mailing lists for
adding subscription information in German edition of the clr FAQ -
I’ll send a translation to Hal - I started wondering what did happen
to the German language faq.

So I visited to see what has happened.
Seemingly Ralf Geschke (ralf(at) did close the mailing
list altogether.

Is there really so little interest in a German discussion list on
Ruby as Ralf thinks? I don’t think so and hereby suggest setting up

Yeas, Nays, Whys, and Why-Not’s to this list. For flames etc. use PM.

For he taught his disciples, and said unto them, the Mailinglist is
delivered into the admins, and they shall kill it; and after that it
is killed, it shall rise the third month. :->

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