[ANN] Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby, Chapter Four: Little Leaves of Code

(George Gambill) #1

Seems to print well in landscape on Win 2K and MS IE.


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Four: Little
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why the lucky stiff wrote:

Just wanted everyone to know that Chapter Four of the
(Poignant) Guide
is now available. Read the new chapter here:

I absolutely love your work, but please, please, please can
you change the layout so that it prints without chopping off
the right hand side?

Alternatively, if someone with more HTML knowledge can tell
me what it is about this HTML that causes it to do that, I’ll
stop pleading and just try to write myself a script to fix it :-).

Previously, I tried changing the widths of some of the
tables. That worked for chapter two, but not for chapter
three, so there’s presumably something else I need to fiddle with.


Harry O.