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[apologies if this is a double post, i think the first got lost]

Is the usage of four letter words or "bastard" to be
interpreted like a counter point, does it have elegance
or does it express emotional attachment.

In this context I'd say "Rails Modularity for Lazy Bastards"
is used in an informal, tongue-in-cheek, and lightly self
deprecating manner. (The author of the blog himself being
presumably a member of the set of 'lazy bastards' who benefit
from the techniques described therein.)

I have no idea how to guess what percentage of readers might
find such language offensive. I find it dryly amusing and
not the slightest bit offensive in context. I know, however,
that people exist (considering my mom as an example) who
wouldn't like it at all.

I'm not sure whether such language can be said to have
elegance--but, for those who don't find it offensive, it
can sometimes be used to hilarious effect. The following is
one of my favorite examples. I don't know how well it will
translate for a non-native speaker, but keep in mind this is
a *friendly* letter between two acquaintances.
(Warning, contains several four letter words... sorry mom.)

What about English Best Practices ( for Foreigners )?

Write idiomatically in your native language, and run it
through Google Language Tools a few times.


Errr.... Well, I guess the obvious advice would be: if
unsure, stick to the most polite forms you know.




From: "Robert Dober" <robert.dober@gmail.com>