ANN: Test::Mock 1.0

Hi. I have recently committed version 1.0 of the Test::Mock library to the
src/rough/lib directory of the Ruby CVS repository.

Test::Mock is a port of my older Ruby/Mock library to the new Test::Unit
framework. It provides a convenient API for creating mock objects in unit
tests, and for building reusable mock objects that can be used in multiple
tests and to specify the expected behaviour of an outgoing interface.

There is not yet an officially released package. The library can be
downloaded via anonymous CVS or as a ZIP or TAR from the ruby-lang cvsweb
page that is linked below. Get in touch if you want me to package it up on
my own site and I will put a more official release together.



Dr. Nathaniel Pryce
B13media Ltd.
Studio 3a, Aberdeen Business Centre, 22/24 Highbury Grove, London, N5 2EA