[ANN] Sys::ProcTable 0.1.0

Hi all,

I am happy to announce the release of Sys::ProcTable 0.1.0 into the

This is a C extension analogous to the ‘ps’ command on *nix systems.
With this module you can view process table information, such as pid,
euid, state, etc. You may view the entire process table or information
on specific pid’s. Exact fields available depend on your platform.
Currently this module supports both Linux and Solaris.

Quick synopsis:

require 'sys/proctable’
include Sys

List available fields

puts "Available fields: " + ProcTable.fields.join(’, ')


ProcTable.ps{ |p|
puts p.pid.to_s
puts p.comm



Just these two processes

ProcTable.ps(2123,327){ |p|
puts p.pid.to_s
puts p.comm


Many thanks go out to Dan Urist, whose Proc::ProcessTable Perl module
served as both the inspiration and basis for my implementation. Thanks
also go out to Mike Hall for ideas, questions, testing and, of course,

Questions and comments welcome.


Daniel Berger