[ANN] Ruby mogilefs-client 3.9.0 released

A MogileFS client library for Ruby. MogileFS is an open source
distributed filesystem, see: http://mogilefs.org/ for more details.
This library allows any Ruby application to read, write and delete files
in a MogileFS instance.


  Not much interesting, just minor improvements and a test bugfix
  for Ruby-trunk users.

  shortlog of changes since v3.8.0:

  * test/test_fresh.rb: fix breakage from Ruby-trunk r50118
  * use monotonic clock if possible on Ruby 2.1+
  * avoid defineclass instructions for empty classes
  * HACKING: minor documentation updates
  * mogilefs/socket/pure_ruby: use IO#wait_*able

rdoc :: http://bogomips.org/mogilefs-client/
list :: mogilefs-client-public@bogomips.org
list-cc :: mogile@googlegroups.com
list-archive :: http://bogomips.org/mogilefs-client-public/
git clone git://bogomips.org/mogilefs-client.git