[ANN] Ruby mogilefs-client 3.12.0 released

(Eric Wong) #1

A MogileFS client library for Ruby. MogileFS is an open source
distributed filesystem, see:
https://github.com/mogilefs/MogileFS-Server/wiki for more
details. This library allows any Ruby application to read,
write and delete files in a MogileFS instance.

Minor cleanups, mainly to fix indentation warnings in Ruby 2.6+

7 changes since v3.11.1 (2017-03-23):

      pool: simplify empty class definition
      new_file/stream: remove unused variable
      mog: add updateclass command
      socket/pure_ruby: favor String#clear if available
      fix indentation warnings with ruby trunk
      doc: https:// URLs instead of git://
      update URLs to point to wiki

rdoc :: https://bogomips.org/mogilefs-client/
feed :: https://bogomips.org/mogilefs-client/NEWS.atom.xml
list :: mogilefs-client-public@bogomips.org
list-cc :: mogile@googlegroups.com
list-archive :: https://bogomips.org/mogilefs-client-public/
git clone https://bogomips.org/mogilefs-client.git