[ANN] Ruby-GNOME-0.30 is out!


Ruby-GNOME 0.30, Ruby-GTK 0.30 is now available!

What’s this?
Ruby-GNOME is a set of Ruby language bindings for
the GNOME 1.x development environment.
And Ruby-GTK is for GTK+ 1.2.x.

What’s new?
Ruby/GNOME module support Gnome::Canvas,
and Ruby/Libart was added.
It was due mainly to KUBO-san’s efforts. Thanks!

Especially, sample script of Gnome::Canvas is cool.
(see /gnome/sample/test-gnome/test-gnome.rb)


Since this release you should initialize Ruby/GNOME script by Gnome.init().
Its sample script is in gnome/sample/gnome-init-popt.rb.


Overview of Changes in Ruby-GNOME 0.30

  • Add Ruby/Libart.

Overview of Changes in Ruby/GTK 0.30

  • Fix some bugs.
  • Add Gtk::MenuBar#set_shadow_type
  • Enhanced Gtk::Entry.new(accept a “max_length” as optionnal argument).
  • Add Gtk::Socket#xwindow.
  • Add sample for Gtk::Socket, Gtk::Plug.

Overview of Changes in Ruby/GNOME 0.30

  • Fix some bugs.
  • Add Gnome.init(You should add this to your Ruby/GNOME script).
  • Add Gnome::Canvas, CanvasGroup, CanvasItem, CanvasLine, CanvasRect,
    CanvasText, CanvasImage, CanvasWidget, CanvasPoints.
  • Add Sample for Gnome::Canvas.
  • Support Libart.

.:% Masao Mutohmutoh@highway.ne.jp