[ANN] ruby-co.de: now with more flexible redirection

(Jan 'jast' Krueger) #1

Hi everyone,

maybe two or three of you remember [1]ruby-co.de (RC), the free HTTP
redirection service I set up some time ago, inspired by a discussion about
cool domain names on #ruby-lang (freenode IRC network).

You probably also know [2]YubNub, the Rails-powered "social command line for
the web". I'm dragging YubNub into this because that makes it look like RC
is now YN's equal in terms of features and coolness.

It isn't, but in a YubNub-ish fashion, RC subdomains now support
source-based dynamic redirection, which is tech babble for "it's now
possible to do this":

<http://foo.ruby-co.de/(bar)> redirects to <http://foo.example.org/x(bar)x>.

In short, you can feed the request path of requests on your subdomain into
the request path or the query string of your target URL. Of course, you
don't actually get more features for your website this way, but Drastically
Increased Coolness.

Oh, and if you have bu^H^Hfeature requests or something similar, please let
me know right now.

Now for the useless statistics:
   * 39 subdomains are currently registered.
   * 2 of those have not been activated.
   * 1 subdomain has a pending change of target URL.
   * 1 project seems to actually use its RC subdomain.
   * 0 people care about all these numbers.

Thanks for listening and have fun!

[1] http://ruby-co.de/
[2] http://yubnub.org/


Best regards,
Jan 'jast' Krueger <usenet@zoidberg.org>, Aachen, Germany
(mails to <jast@...> go through less strict spam checking)