[Ann] Qrb v0.1.0 - Validate/Sanitize/Coerce your data the correct way

Hi folks!

I'm happy to announce that the ruby binding of the new Q
language<http://www.q-lang.io/>has just been released.

* http://www.q-lang.io/
* https://github.com/blambeau/qrb

Qrb allows you to defined complex data schema, and validate and coerce
(JSON) data against those definitions. Especially useful for RESTful web
services, configuration files, and other data-intensive situations when you
also need robustness and security.

The Qrb binding tries to let developers write idiomatic dynamic ruby while
providing a strongly typed type system for data. I've tried to provide a
nice library in spite of the underlying antagonism. Tell me what you think!



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