[ANN] FormValidator 0.1.0 released

Hello all - I’ve just finished a port of Perl’s Data::FormValidator library to
Ruby. Here’s the formal description.

FormValidator is a port of Perl’s Data::FormValidator library. It makes it easy
to validate data coming in from HTML forms and provides a robust set of methods
to handle dependent fields, filtering data, constraints, etc. It’s modular
design allows you to easily add your own filters and constraints and also
allows you to keep validation profiles outside of your CGI scripts.

It was heavily unit tested, so it should be relatively bug free. I’m currently
using it alongside Amrita, and the two together have taken all the headache
out of web programming. The docs are a work in progress, but they’re available
here: http://grub.ath.cx/formvalidator/doc/.

Travis Whitton whitton@atlantic.net