[ANN] Postgres Documentation

(Gavin Kistner) #1

With the excellent help of Martin Hart and Guy Decoux, I have finished
documenting the (somewhat-confusingly-named) Postgres library that
provides Ruby with the hooks needed to interact with PostgreSQL.

I’m in talks with the maintainer about getting it included in the
official release. Until then, you can see the documentation at:


and you can download the postgres.c file yourself at


(until it gets put in the official release or I’m told to stop murking
up the waters with non-standard copies).

This library/documentation happens to have one new method in it which is
not (yet?) part of the standard distribution: PGresult#value_byname. Do
not rely on this method until/unless it is included in the official release.

(And as an aside, as a novice C coder I implemented this method by
simply making a new function that called two existing ones…perhaps
someone more experienced than I could merge them and possibly speed it
up a fraction. As it is, putting the wrapper in C turned out to be 1.5x
faster than doing it in Ruby, so I’m generally content :slight_smile:


(-, /\ / / //