[ANN] Pluto Planet Gem - New Styles / More Template Packs - Top, (River of) News, Cards, and More


  The pluto planet generator gem that lets you build web pages from
published web feeds now includes more template packs. You can see the blank
(standard)[1] or top[2] or river of news[3] or card[4] template packs in
action on Planet Vienna.rb.

  Note: You can use the new template packs "offline"; install/update the
template packs e.g.

  $ pluto install blank # includes std and cards
  $ pluto install top
  $ pluto install news

  And use the --template/-t switch for new planet styles e.g.

  $ pluto build ruby.ini --template top or
  $ pluto b ruby.ini -t top

  Find out more at the project site @ github.com/feedreader
  All code and templates are public domain. Cheers.

[1] http://viennarb.herokuapp.com/?style=std
[2] http://viennarb.herokuapp.com/?style=top
[3] http://viennarb.herokuapp.com/?style=news
[4] http://viennarb.herokuapp.com/?style=cards