[ANN] opal 1.5.0.rc1 released

opal version 1.5.0.rc1 has been released!

* home: https://opalrb.com/
* github: GitHub - opal/opal: Ruby ♥︎ JavaScript

opal is a Ruby to JavaScript compiler, a Ruby runtime in JavaScript and an idiomatic Ruby interface to a web browser and Node.js.

opal is tested with MSpec for the highest level of compatibility with MRI 3.1. It allows you to write complex web application frontends with not a single line of JavaScript.

This release is mostly focused on performance improvements. The final release is expected next Wednesday.

An interesting new feature is `binding.irb` support in a web browser. You can check it out by issuing the following commands:

gem install opal --version=1.5.0.rc1
opal _1.5.0.rc1_ -Rserver -e 'def func; a = 5; b = 7; binding.irb; end; func'

And then opening http://localhost:3000/ in your web browser. For your convenience while writing applications, this feature is enabled by default but it loads the Ruby compiler on the fly (from Opal CDN), so it doesn't impact the bundle size a lot.

Full changelog:

- Introduce timezone support for Time (#2394)
- DateTime and Date refactor (#2398)
- Implement `Number#prev_float`/`#next_float` (#2404)
- Support `binding.irb` anywhere in the code, for both browsers and node (#2392)
- Added `URI.decode_www_form` (#2387)

- Move Math IE11-supporting polyfills to a separate file (#2395)
- String methods always return Strings even when overloaded (#2413)
- `alias` calls will not add the “old name” method to the list of stubs for method missing (#2414)
- Optimize writer/setter methods, up to 4% performance gain (#2402)

- Improve performance of argument coertion, fast-track `Integer`, `String`, and calling the designed coertion method (#2383)
- Optimize `Array#[]=` by moving the implementation to JavaScript and inlining type checks (#2383)
- Optimize internal runtime passing of block-options (#2383)
- Compile `case` statements as `switch` whenever possible (#2411)
- Improve performance with optimized common method/iter implementation shortcuts (#2401)

- Fix `Regexp.new`, previously `\A` and `\z` didn’t match beginning and end of input (#2079)
- Fix exception during `Hash#each` and `Hash#each_key` if keys get deleted during the loop (#2403)
- Fix defining multiple methods with the same block (#2397)
- A few edge cases of conditional calls combined with setters, e.g. `foo&.bar = 123` (#2402)
- Correct String#to_proc and method_missing compatibility (#2418)
- Exit REPL respecting the exit status number (#2396)

- Rewriters refactor, fix interaction between cache and inverted runner (#2400)