[ANN] New Haven Ruby Brigade Meeting 2005.12.14

Hello everyone, just letting anyone in Southern Connecticut or those
who feel like driving to North Haven know that we're having a meeting
tomorrow night at Innovation Software Group.

The meeting officially starts at 7pm, but Gary Wright will be helping
newbies get up to speed starting at 6:30. He will be hitting a few
topics that are common newbie questions, including the ever present
Symbols vs. Strings thing that most new Rubyists wonder about.

I'll be doing a talk on all the things you need to do to get a project
packaged and out the door as a release. I very well might be using
Ruport as my example, because 0.3.0 needs to get out the door before
it causes me to fail some finals! :slight_smile: (Besides that, it's almost ready

After this talk, we'll have plenty of time for open discussion and
other activities suitable for vagabonds and the like.

For full details on the meeting, including driving directions, check
out our website:

Hope to see you there!