[ANN] McBean 0.3.0 released

mcbean version 0.3.0 has been released!

* <http://github.com/flavorjones/mcbean>
* <http://mcbean.heroku.com/doc/index.html (rdocs)>
* <http://mcbean.heroku.com (live demo)>

== Description

McBean can convert documents from one format to another. McBean currently

* Markdown (a subset thereof)
* Textile (a subset thereof)

with the help of Loofah, Nokogiri, RDiscount and RedCloth. That means you
can convert Textile into Markdown, and Markdown into Textile.

"You can't teach a Sneetch." -- Sylvester McMonkey McBean

== Features

* Transforms HTML into Markdown.
* Transforms HTML into Textile.
* Transforms Markdown into HTML (thanks to RDiscount).
* Transforms Textile into HTML (thanks to RedCloth).
* Not to be overly pedantic, but transforms Textile into Markdown, and
Markdown into Textile. Booyah!
* Emitted HTML is sanitized (thanks to Loofah).
* Fancy-pants command line utility, "mcbean".

== Problems

* Only supports a limited subset of Markdown and Textile. Patches welcome.

== Synopsis

Wrap your document (which can be either a String or an IO object):

  mcbean = McBean.fragment(your_html_fragment)
  mcbean = McBean.document(your_html_document)
  mcbean = McBean.markdown(your_markdown)
  mcbean = McBean.textile(your_textile)

And then generate the desired markup format:


Also, +mcbean+ provides a command-line utility installed into your gem path:

  $ mcbean --html="
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sneetches_and_Other_Stories" --to-markdown
  $ mcbean --markdown="treetop-1.4.2/doc/grammar_composition.markdown"

You can try out McBean at the live demo site: http://mcbean.heroku.com

== Changes

## 0.3.0 (2010-04-18)


* Support for Textile.
* McBean#to_html now does the right thing when the instance is created via
McBean.markdown or McBean.textile.
* McBean#to_html now entity-escapes unsafe and invalid HTML tags (thanks to


* McBean.new and .allocate are now private. You shouldn't have been using
them, anyway.
* McBean#html and #markdown accessors have been dropped.

== Requirements

* Loofah >= 0.4.7 (and thusly Nokogiri)
* RDiscount >= 1.3.4
* RedCloth >= 4.0.0

== Install

* sudo gem install mcbean

== Shout Outs

Thanks to David Loren Parsons and Ryan Tomayko for RDiscount.

Thanks to Jason Garber for RedCloth.