[ANN] httpx 0.6.6 released

httpx 0.6.6 has been released.

* https://gitlab.com/honeyryderchuck/httpx

httpx is a client library for making HTTP requests from Ruby. It has a
simple but highly configurable API to perform single and multiple requests
(supports HTTP/2 as well has 1.1 and 1.0). It also supports DNS over HTTPS.

### 0.6.5 Changes

#### Features

* `resolver_options` can now receive a `:cache` flag (default: `true`).
This bypasses caching and forces the DNS lookup;

#### Improvements

* Building the TLS certs necessary for the test suite has been scripted,
after the initial certs expired and brought the CI to a halt;
* All DNS resolvers have a functional test, both for the happy as well as
the error case;
* Added functional tests for HTTP and HTTPS proxy with authentication,
making all proxy options now tested with authentication;

#### Bugfixes

* native and https DNS resolvers weren't usable after a resolving error;
* system DNS resolver could halt the system after a DNS resolving error;
* fixed system halt on HTTP proxy authentication error;

### 0.6.6 Changes

#### Features

* The `retries` plugin receives two new options:
  * `retry_on`: a callable that receives the failed response as an
argument; the return value will determine whether there'll be a retried
  * `retry_after`: time (in seconds) after which there request will be
retried. Can be an integer or a callable that receives the request and
returns an integer (one can do exponential back-off like that, for example).
* Added support for DNS-over-HTTPS GET requests as per the latest spec.

#### Improvements

* `HTTPX.plugins` got deprecated; basically, it's great until you have to
pass options to a plugin, and then it just works (not). The recommended way
to load multiple plugins is `HTTPX.plugin(...).plugin(...)`.

#### Bugfixes

* fixed a proxy bug where an `Alt-Svc` response header would make the
client try to connect. Just like connection coalescing and the ORIGIN
frame, it ignores it when going through a proxy.



* website: https://honeyryderchuck.gitlab.io/httpx/
* wiki: https://gitlab.com/honeyryderchuck/httpx/wikis/home
docs: https://honeyryderchuck.gitlab.io/httpx/rdoc/