[ANN] httpx 0.18.5 released

httpx 0.18.5 has been released.


HTTPX is an HTTP client library for the Ruby programming language.

Among its features, it supports:

* HTTP/2 and HTTP/1.x protocol versions
* Concurrent requests by default
* Simple and chainable API
* Proxy Support (HTTP(S), Socks4/4a/5)
* Simple Timeout System
* Lightweight by default (require what you need)

And also:

* Compression (gzip, deflate, brotli)
* Streaming Requests
* Authentication (Basic Auth, Digest Auth, AWS Sigv4)
* Expect 100-continue
* Multipart Requests
* Cookies
* HTTP/2 Server Push
* H2C Upgrade
* Automatic follow redirects
* International Domain Names

# 0.18.5

## Improvements

* ruby 3.1 is now officially supported.
* when a user sets a `Host` header for an HTTP/2 request, this will be used
in the `:authority` HTTP/2 pseudo-header, instead of silently ignored
(mimicking what "curl" does).

## Bugfixes

* fixed "throw outside of catch block" error happening when pipelining
requests on an HTTP/1 connection and resulting in a timeout.