[ANN] BoilerPlate 0.2.0 -- easy data-centric applications on Rails

(Michael Schuerig) #1

I'm pleased to announce a new release of BoilerPlate, a framework on top
of Rails that is intended to make development of data-centric
applications as easy as possible. In its current state there is a real
chance that it can become useful to anyone beside me.

You can view screenshots, play with some static fake pages, and download
the whole thing at


What's New?

* Mostly internal reorganization and unit + functional tests
* TreeNavigator for choosing an object in a tree structure.
* Navigation through the result of the last list query.
* Unit tests for the JavaScript code.
* A generator (script/generate bp_scaffold) for creating
"BoilerPlate-enhanced" scaffolding.
* Improved abstraction. User code can get really DRY.

Notes from the Dark Side

* Currently, it needs a patched version of Rails SVN HEAD to run. It's
included in the download as well as a diff with my changes.
* Documentation... what documentation?
* Tests are improved, but not yet comprehensive.

A Plea for Help

I?d really like to get BoilerPlate to work on Microsoft Internet
Explorer. The JavaScript code already does work, but my attempts at
getting the layout right have been frustrated so far. I highly
appreciate any help that improves BoilerPlate?s cross-browser support.

If you try out BoilerPlate, I hope you enjoy the experience.



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