[ANN] Alexandria 0.3.1


Alexandria 0.3.1 has just been released!

Alexandria is a GNOME application to help you manage your book

You can get more information (screenshots, features, download links,
packages...) on its web site:


This is mainly a bugfix release. If you are using Alexandria you should
consider upgrading, since a lot of bugs have been discovered and are now

Details are following. Enjoy!

Bugs fixed:
* removed custom sorting functions as they appear not to make anything
   work better and may actually cause some problems ;
* fixed the Amazon provider to perform another lookup using the next
   locale if the previous one gives no results ;
* improved exception handing to have better error messages ;
* calling providers one after one until at least one book has been
   found ;
* sorting by rating books that were not rated yet did crash ;
* sorting by edition and publisher were reversed ;
* the Add Book dialog is now resizable in search mode ;
* removing a book without a cover image did crash.

Updated translations:
* Dafydd Harries (cy) ;
* Laurent Sansonetti (fr) ;
* Masao Mutoh (ja).