[ANN] Alexandria 0.3.0


Alexandria 0.3.0 has just been released!

Alexandria is a GNOME application to help you manage your book

You can get more information (screenshots, features, download links,
packages...) on its web site:


This release considerably improves the dialog box to add books, ships a
new provider to the Proxis library (http://www.proxis.be) and features
more GNOME compatibility.

Details are following. Enjoy!

New features:
* the Add Book dialog allows searches by title, authors and keyword
   as well as regular ISBNs ;
* ISBNs are now validated before usage ;
* the Add Book dialog will autofill the ISBN text entry using the
   clipboard content if it contains a valid EAN/ISBN ;
* the Add Book dialog will automatically convert EANs to ISBNs ;
* a provider to the Proxis library (http://www.proxis.be) has been
   added ;
* HTTP connections to Amazon and Proxis are configured to pass via a
   proxy or not according to the GNOME preferences.

Bug fixed:
* do not split title icons inside a multibyte character ;
* fixed the Amazon provider to not set the manufacturer attribute to
   nil for some books that are not yet released ;
* enforced the use of UTF-8 for gettext ;
* some strings have been ngettexted ;
* the data/locale directory is cleaned by install.rb ;
* pre-setup.rb doesn't require Ruby-GetText anymore since all this does
   is run msgfmt.

Updated translations:
* Dafydd Harries (cy) ;
* Laurent Sansonetti (fr) ;
* Masao Mutoh (ja).