Adopt-a-newbie? Based on actual experience. (Volunteering!)

Send a newbie my way - great idea! This way the smart people on the list will be more available for my questions!! :slight_smile:




Hello all,

Remember Samantha? She dropped by the list a while ago and was given the
idea to develop a Rails resume generator...

Anyway, yesterday she happened to email me about the Haifa RUG post (only
reply this far and it was a false :confused: ) and I happened to remember her
project and give her a bit of advice, and it developed into a conversation
reminding a bit of a chat about her project, that seems to have pulled her
out of a stuck position (I hope).

Well, she told me she's glad she can email me those questions since sending
them to the list would be overkill and uncomfortable...

Now, remember the recent discussion about newbie questions plaguing the

All of this has brought me to think of an Adopt-a-newbie model. Somehow,
every newbie that wants would get an email address of a volunteer from
ruby-talk, with whom he can correspond personally and who will answer his
basic questions and serve to also encourage him to keep learning.

I could manage two-three active newbies at a time, I think, and they would
greatly benefit from it if they are anything like me.

What do you think? Would you consider it a good idea? Would you volunteer?
Is anyone up for infrastructure (preferrably on, though
anywhere is good)?

Aur Saraf