Yuki & Moto Press Bookshelf Update - Free (Online) Books about Ruby 'n' Friends


  I'm a big fan of the latest and greatest plugin addition to GitHub
Pages (and Jekyll), that is, Jekyll Remote Themes.

  Using a simple config entry you can "automagically" pull in remote
themes (layouts, includes, javascripts, etc). e.g.:

   plugins: [jekyll-remote-theme]
   remote_theme: octobook/books-twentyeighteen-theme

  To once more show off / test the new functionality I've updated the
Yuki & Moto Press Bookshelf [1] (Static Website Source) [2] to now
use a remote book theme (that is, Octobook Twenty Eighteen) that
turns your manuscripts in plain text w/ markdown formatting
conventions into live (online) books.

   See the Gem Developer's Guide [3] as example.

  Happy reading. Happy publishing w/ GitHub Pages (and Jekyll and Ruby). Cheers.

[1] http://yukimotopress.github.io
[2] https://github.com/yukimotopress/yukimotopress.github.io
[3] http://yukimotopress.github.io/gem-dev