The xmltree.rb is clearly based on the W3C DOM api. However, I’ve found
two areas where it deviates “noticably”.

  1. the lack of “Node#importNode”. Now, the reason this exists (I think)
    is to support the memory management model of all elements being "owned"
    by a document, to allow clean up of nodes “en mass”. I don’t think Ruby
    needs this, but there is some reference to “ownerDocument”, but it
    doesn’t seem to be complete enough to matter.

  2. in Java, when using the DOM, if you insert/append a node, it is
    removed as a child of it’s current parent (if it has one). In Ruby,
    this doesn’t seem to happen.

The questions is: should I fix and submit a patch for either of these,
or should I just work around it. Either way is fine with me, I just
don’t know enough abou the intentions of this module to make a
decision. Thanks


P.S. I’m using 1.6.7