Win32 Scripting

I haven’t done this yet in Ruby, but I do have a tcl script that makes use
of COM to do something similar. It basically, reads in a huge text file,
splits it up by department number. For each chunk of data it opens an empty
word document, throws the chunk of text data into it, reformats the font,
orientation, point size, then saves it as Word97 document.

Even though it uses Tcl instead of Ruby, the COM commands should be the
same. Like the guy said earlier, it is just a flavor of VB for
applications. If you are interested in looking at it to help you get some
ideas on how to do it in Ruby, email me and I will send you a copy of the

Jamey Cribbs


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Check out the win32ole bit in the pickaxe book – it has an
Excel example. From there, crack open the Word docs (or
Google and I’d bet there’s a pretty easy
way to do it. Sorry can’t poke around more for you.