Will there be ability to use both native and green threads in Ruby 1.9/2.0

Does anybody know will there be support for both native and green
threads in Ruby 1.9/2.0?

I found letter with unanswered question in ruby-core:


2007/11/14, Berger, Daniel <Daniel.Berger@qwest.com>:

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> Subject: Re: state of threads in 1.9
> Jordi wrote:
> > Are Threads mapped to threads on the underlying operating system in
> > 1.9 or still using green threads?
> > If still using green threads, it is so because of a
> designing decision
> > or it is a limitation of the current implementation?
> >
> As others have responded, Ruby 1.9 uses native threads. But
> you still don't get true concurrency. The fear is that there
> are extensions that are not thread-safe yet. So even though
> native threads are used, only one is allowed to run at a
> time. This means that you won't see increased performance
> running a multi-threaded Ruby program on a multi-core CPU,
> for example.

Can't we have both native *and* green threads? There are advantages and
disadvantages to both, yes? I know at least one user who says he won't
be able to use Ruby 1.9/2.0 because he's using it on very old hardware
(486's) for Point of Sale software. The native threads will be too

Really, the only time that I've needed native thread support is for
extending existing C libraries. I don't see the upside for general
concurrency, since we're not getting multi-core support anyway.

Have I missed something?