Using a @@class_variable into a Module

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appear twice.

I want to declare a @@class_variable in class A.
Class A includes a Module M and I want some methods in M using the
@@class_variable but I get some problem:


module M
       def kk
               #puts (eval %{ #{send('class').class_variables[0]} })
               puts @@class_var

class A
       include M
       @@class_var = "kaka1"

a =
NameError: uninitialized class variable @@class_var in M
       from ./class_attr1.rb:4:in `kk'

I understand the problem. Because the nature of class variables when
the Module M uses @@ it looks into a class variable defined in same

Is there any way I could use a class A @class_var into a included M
module methods? If not then I'll use a normal attribute but I don't
like it since it's a constant value that could perfectly be a class
variable instead of initialiting it in each A instance creation.

Thanks a lot.

Iñaki Baz Castillo