The ongoing ruby csv gem / library saga - Herding cats case study or why working together is almost impossible


   As a follow-up to the commentary on "My tone doesn’t make me wrong"
and my story on the csv gem / library saga a little update - I just
got after 3+ years of silence
a ping from the smarterCSV gem / library maintainer, that is, Tilo.

   Anyways, I think it makes a great case study why working together
on ruby with "strangers" on the internets is almost impossible and a
miracle to celebrate if it happens.

     If you want to follow the discussion on building a better csv
library / gem in rubyland follow along the issue ticket converted
into an open discussion [1] by Tilo (the smarterCSV maintainer/hero).

  Cheers. Prost.

PS: For the record my humble csvreader library / gem [2] is part of
the ruby code commons (cocos) org (that I share with my only
contributor - the humble yo robot - that is - my automated alter
github bot ;-).

[1] csvreader a new "core" csv reader library - Let's work together - Why? Why not? Thoughts? · Discussion #208 · tilo/smarter_csv · GitHub
[2] GitHub - rubycocos/csvreader: csvreader library / gem - read tabular data in the comma-separated values (csv) format the right way (uses best practices out-of-the-box with zero-configuration)