Test::Unit Installation difficulty

I just encountered this problem trying to install Test::Unit using Ruby 1.6.7 on MacOS X 10.2. OS X does not seem to have a ulimit command.

I found info on increasing the stack size on the tcsh man page. One must log in as root -- an administrative account won't get the job done. This resolved the problem:

root# limit stacksize
stacksize 512 kbytes
root# limit stacksize 1024
root# ruby setup.rb install

I still don't know how to change the default stack size in a way that would affect apache and mod_ruby.


At 9:35 PM +0900 5/16/02, ts wrote:

I have tried installing Test::Unit and have had no success. The output is
below. The problem appears to be 'stack level too deep'. (I'm using Ruby
1.7.2 on Mac OS X if that matters)

Verify the value of stacksize with `ulimit -a'

Guy Decoux

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