Teach me about yield

I second that. 'plain please, Lucy!


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i’ve programmed computers for the greater portion of my life and find
myself really “set in my ways” when it comes to solving problems. i
have both Dave and Matz’s ruby books and have read the description of
yield numerous times, yet never used a single yield statement in just
over a year of ruby coding.

when do you use yield? has it solved problems for you when you
couldn’t find another solution? how did you first start using yield?

i want to expand my mind and wrap it around this concept, any pointers
(besides RTFM), or sample code would be greatly appreciated

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I second that. 'plain please, Lucy!


I’m very new at this, but I look at using yield wherever in C I would
have used a function pointer.

As an example, c’s qsort(). You pass in the comparitor method there
(Java uses an interface for this). In ruby, your sort could take a
block instead.

(“sort” may not be a great example, as it’s built in a number of
useful places…)



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