[SUMMARY] Word Chains (#44)

(David Tran) #1

Simon Krer wrote:

So i would say printing no chain is exactly correct if there is no
suitable word in the dictionary (and there is no hint saying you can
alter the words in the dictionary).
Maybe it is a hint that 6 programs did actually refused to find a non
existing chain but only 5 did. Its the problem description thats weak,
at least it was misleading for me.

If I have the words directionary file first, and the final solution wish,
then I can figure out to use downcase to alter dictionary word.

Unfortunally, I do not have words dictonary file when I develop my programs.
And I feel also change all words to downcase is kind of strange.
If I wrote "FBI" you know what I am talking about.
but if I wrote "fbi" ...

My program fails because the word "Rube" on words dictionary file.
I still don't know why we need "R" instead of "r" for "Rube".
My English is very poor ... Anyway.

Now look back the Quiz Summary ...

The minor issue this time around is that some solutions obviously had trouble finding chains,
at least with my dictionary. Not much to say here except that unit tests probably could have
helped. Several test cases were posted to Ruby Talk.
Hope everyone was trying those as > they came in.

I were kind of understood what Simon feels ...