[suggestion+code] timed deq for the Queue class?

(Andrew S. Townley) #1


Based on my earlier emails and further thinking, I've implemented the
following methods which seem to work and which other people might find
useful. No guarantees that they're 100% correct, but it seems to do
what I want. Would it be possible to add something like this to the
standard Queue?

$ cat fu.rb
require 'thread'
require 'timeout'

class TimedReadQueue < Queue
  # Waits for the specified timeout (seconds) and returns,
  # waking up the accessing thread. This method avoids a
  # problem with using Timeout and Queue together to achieve
  # the same result.

  def tdeq(timeout)
    data = nil
      mt = Thread.current

      # This thread will wait for the timeout. If it is still
      # alive, it will remove the read thread (rt) from the
      # waiting list, kill it and restart the main thread.

      rt = nil
      tt = Thread.new do
        Thread.stop; sleep(timeout); @waiting.delete(rt); mt.wakeup
      # This thread will actually try and read the data. If
      # it gets data, it will kill the timer and wake up the
      # main thread.

      rt = Thread.new do
        Thread.stop; data = deq; __arnold(tt); mt.wakeup

      # just read the data
        data = deq(true)
      rescue ThreadError
        # don't care
        data = nil

    # return the data value


  # This method takes a thread and unconditionally terminates
  # it, completely and utterly

  def __arnold(thread)
    thread.kill if thread && thread.alive?

  def __timeout
    puts("TIMEOUT: #{length} elements; #{num_waiting} threads waiting.")

  def __read
    puts("READ: #{length} elements; #{num_waiting} threads waiting.")

The entire program (with minimal, manual tests) is also attached.

Any/all feedback more than welcome.



fu.rb (2.47 KB)


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