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Welcome to “Ghetto” America!

…Yes, you heard me; I said “Ghetto” America! What is “Ghetto"
America, I’m glad you asked. Before I go on please be warned,
this explanation may not sit well with many of you, however it is
no less true! “Ghetto” America is a society of individuals
comprised primarily of African Americans who represent the
impoverished, and often unpolished side of “Black America;“
Confused?! I shall explain further; have you ever passed by a
typical ghetto community; namely the “projects” and noticed an
unusual amount of fancy cars parked throughout that particular
neighborhood, and wondered how could that be? Or maybe you have
been to a shopping mall, and noticed an unusual amount of young
"teen looking” black women carrying infants, or pushing baby
carriages and often with a toddler in tow! Perhaps you also
noticed that there was rarely any male companion accompanying
them. If you paid close attention you might have also noticed the
absence of the all important “wedding band” missing from their
respective ring fingers!” .And of course we have all heard
stories of young black men carrying guns, and knives, allegedly
mugging, robbing and carjacking people of all sorts! Did you know
that many young African American women refuse to date African
American males if they do not own or possess an automobile. In
fact many young Black women prefer only to date individuals who
represent the subversive side of society; commonly known as
"Thugs” or “Street Hustlers;” Also, did you know that many young
African American males prefer to buy expensive luxury cars while
living in government housing better known as the "projects"
rather than move away, purchase new homes, save, or even make

"Attention" This is Not another "Boyz in the Hood" Story!

These newly distinguished “Black Generation Xers” are suffering
through utter chaos. “Baby Makers, Loser choosers, Welfare
Abusers…Images of My America” is a collection of observations,
and commentary as told through the eyes of a young African
American Male who experienced, and perpetuated many of the truths
that many in “Black America,” and the world in general would have
you believe do not exist. It is a riveting expose that sheds
light on the oppressive, and often discriminatory nature of
"Mainstream American Society." A society that has nurtured the
rampant disregards for self-respect, and enlightenment that many
young African American men, and women currently suffer from. The
writer supports his arguments with direct references to the
overwhelming numbers of young black single mothers attempting to
raise children, with many being teens themselves; and the foolish
criteria that is utilized when choosing their mates; oftentimes
being based on nothing more than the young black male’s tough or
cool neighborhood reputation.

The author also identifies the self-destructive and often
criminal behavior that many young black men perpetuate on a daily
basis like, refusing to pursue higher education, carrying guns,
robbing, stealing, selling drugs, driving fancy cars, and wearing
expensive jewelry. The negative and self-debasing behavior
committed by both males, and females is due in large part to a
lack of guidance resulting from having been reared in fatherless
homes. These poor choices, and behavioral disorders coupled with
the unnecessary burden that it places on tax paying citizens in
the form of welfare abuse, and over crowded prison populations
are the center causes for the cycle of rampant poverty, and lack
of direction that currently exists in young "Black America"
today. To learn more about this dynamic self contained society
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