Not sure if this is a problem with the soap4r library, or the web
service I'm connecting to. Looking for some direction. Currently using
Ruby 1.8.5 and Soap4r 1.5.5 connecting to BMC Action Request System.

The web service client can retrieve items from the web server just fine,
but when we try to create or modify records we are having problems. The
wsdl input mapping has about 50 elements, only one is required and
cannot be null. If we create or modify a record with only 3 or 4
elements in the packet, it works successfully. If we try with any more
than that, an exception is thrown.

The exception is specific to the BMC Action Request System application,
and basically says that an unexpected element was encountered in the
input XML document. If we remove a few of the elements, and resend the
message, it works fine.

All the elements are configured the same on the web service producer
(minOccurs = 0, nillable = true). It seems like it has something to do
with message length.

Does anybody have any input on this?



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