SOAP4R: running wsdl2ruby server/client as https

Is it possible to run a StandaloneServer over HTTPS?

I have generated a server and client from a wsdl using wsdl2ruby from
the SOAP4R gem, and have got them working successfully over regular

Is it possible to set these up (SOAP::RPC::StandaloneServer and
SOAP::RPC::Driver respectively) to run as an https server and client?

There is an ancient post about SSL with SOAP4R here:
...but the example uses a webbrick HTTPServer, and not the
StandaloneServer generated by wsdl2ruby.

Also, the previous post on that thread says:
"Are you asking ifthe SOAP::StandAlone server can handle https requests?
That would have to be WEBrick acting as a ssl server."
...but doesn't expand on this.

Is any of this documented anywhere?

Very greatful for any help- I'm all googled out.


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