Second Sydney Ruby users group meeting

I should have mailed this a couple of days ago, but …

We’re having our second meeting of Ruby-ites in Sydney tonight. If everyone
turns up who said they’ll be there, we’ll have about double the numbers as
last time! Ruby really is catching on … mind you, a 100% increase on
five is still only ten people :-).

The venue is the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel (for non-Sydneysiders, trust me, I
didn’t make that up!) at 6pm. I’ve booked a table upstairs in the name “Ruby
User Group”.

As with the inaugural meeting, we’ll probably just have an informal chat about
what people’s level of experience is, what they’ve been doing with Ruby, etc.

Next month, we’ll hopefully be able to book the conference room and maybe have
a couple of talks from people.

Anyway, if you’re in Sydney and are free this evening, come along!

Again, sorry for the short notice, but you can mark down the third Thursday of
each month from now on.

See you tonight!

Harry O.