RubyCocoa problem: No such file to load -- osx/objc/cocoa

Hi Simon,


I figured this out. Below is the email I sent to the contact email for
RubyCocoa but I didn’t get any reply. Anyway, all you need do is open the
Framework project file in ProjectBuilder and clear the linking of
libruby-static by deselecting the check box. But this does mean that when
you build apps you will need to explicity link in libruby-static. Hope this

Thanks a lot for the input. It changed my situation, but I still have
First, I have to tell you I’ve never used PB before. I took your advice the
following way:

  1. In the RubyCocoa source directory, I ran ruby install.rb config
  2. I opened up the RubyCocoa framework project file in PB, and deselected
    the libruby-static
    entry I saw in the Files tab and closed PB.
  3. Back in the RubyCocoa, I ran ruby install.rb setup.
  4. I tried to run the RubyCocoa unit tests now, as explained on the
    RubyCocoa site. My results
    were different than before. Now, instead of the 'no such file to load’
    error, I got:

’ns_inherited’: undefined method ‘ocid’ for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
from ./tc_subclass.rb:14
from testall.rb:4:in 'require’
from testall.rb:4
from testall.rb:3:in 'each’
from testall.rb:3
Loaded suite testall

Finished in 0.702701 seconds

5 tests, 8 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors

  1. I went ahead and did sudo ruby install.rb install anyway. Afterward, I
    tried to run some examples. The fontnames.rb example runs fine; the
    sndplay.rb runs, but I don’t hear anything (also true for sndplay2.rb and
    speak.rb )

  2. Running the HelloWorld.rb gives me an undefined method error like the one
    I got running the unit tests.

  3. I also tried to build the by editing the make file and
    linking with ruby-static. The build works but I’m unable to launch the app.

Can you see anything I’m doing that’s obviously wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help.



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